Testimonial 1

“I want to say a big thank you for everyone that took the time out to like Brandon’s Facebook Page. The last time I checked…we reached 100 likes in one day and Brandon was very happy. He is very encouraged by it.

Naturally, as a parent, I am happy when heis happy.

I would also like to say big, big, bigthank you to Kurt McKenzie. Kurt operates 100% Math and was very instrumentalin Brandon doing well on his recent exams. As some of you may be aware,Mathematics is one of the foundation subjects within Classical Education thattranscends into other areas. Mathematics is a subject that not only enhancesour understanding but also helps us to develop reason and judgment.

Kurt not only helped Brandon but also mademe fall in love with Mathematics again.

Shawnette Wynn Saunders and I would love topublicly thank Kurt for all his help and as parents encourage you to make surethat your kids do well in math as it is the one subject that they will alwaysneed in life. Forward. Forever.”

Chris Saunders

MLA for Bodden town West, GrandCayman

Testimonial 2

“After a year of IGSE Math I found myselfstruggling, failing to reach my potential in Math. Hoping to improve from a C/Daverage I reached out to 100% Math. Five minutes into my first lesson the sheerpassion coming from my instructor instantly made tackling math more bearable,interesting and exciting. Along with academic improvement, 100% Math instills acertain confidence and bravery in its pupils transferable to other subjects andlife. Through the commitment of Dr. McKenzie and his team- often staying afterhours with myself and other pupils- any student can move to an A and beyond.”

– Sean W.

United World College ScholarshipWinner, Cayman Islands 2015

Butterfield Undergraduate ScholarshipRecipient 2016