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100% Math Educates, Excites, Transforms and Empowers Learners! 

Our Philosophy

We believe that knowledge is constructed from experience and is a personal interpretation of the world. We see learning as an active collaborative process of meaning making based on experience negotiated from multiple perspectives. (Wilson, Teslow and Osman-Jouchoux (1995).  


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Our Focus

100% Math's tailored focus on Mathematics and how it impacts the whole person ensures that every 21st Century learner develops a rich, deep and meaningful mathematical understanding. Our programme improves mathematics skills, confidence and helps learners develop critical inquiry, self-regulation and sense-making skills. Our students use technology to explore problems, clarify ideas and acquire different views of mathematical concepts.

Our tutors are experts in Mathematics who are holders of Doctoral, Masters and Bachelor degrees. They are passionate mathematics educators who are committed to ongoing professional development and cutting edge evidence-based best practice.

Equality, Equity and Diversity

With demographic changes, and societal challenges, it is critical, now more than ever, that students learn with and from diverse peers. That’s a major reason why 100% Math aims to promote equality and tackle any form of discrimination and actively promote harmonious relations. We seek to remove any barriers to access, participation, progression, attainment and achievement. We also take seriously our contribution towards community cohesion.

Our Promise

We promise to;
  • Effectively deliver the curriculum,
  • Organize the content matter in scope and sequence within and across strands,
  • Teach in context,
  • Teach for conceptual learning,
  • Foster the development of mathematical understandings by students,
  • Foster the development of reasoning skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills by students,
  • Cater to diverse students with varying interests, abilities, multiple intelligences and learning styles.
  • Make mathematics relevant to the interests and experiences of the learners,
  • Identify and use appropriate instructional materials for teaching and learning mathematics
  • Determine and use appropriate strategies for teaching the syllabus topics,
  • Engage learners in mathematical thinking,
  • Design student-centered lesson plans,
  • Effectively deliver the written curriculum