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Minimum of 10 sessions over a 5 week period.

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100% Math supports learners by offering tailored instructional programmes aimed at improving learners’ skill, attitude, confidence, and performance in Mathematics. Our programme is structured that students explore problems, clarify their ideas, and acquire different views of concepts or ideas through meaning negotiation. 

We are happy to assist in improving our students’ Mathematics skills. Kindly note the terms of our service agreement: 

  1. Makeup classes (if any) must be done in the same week (within five working days). 
  2. Sessions are forfeited if 10 minutes late.
  3. Fees are prepaid and payable in full on or before the first class.
  4. There are eight sessions in a month for our regular tutorial packages (two one-hour sessions weekly or one double session/2 hr. session per week).
  5. Our refund policy for monthly sessions is 50% at the end of week one and 10 % at the end of week two. There are no refunds after the third week.
  6. Our staff will always adhere to the highest levels of professionalism in the teaching-learning exchange/encounter.
  7. Login credentials for Tutorpanel (our web-based school management application) will be sent to both parents and students by email immediately after registration.
  8. Online sessions will be via Zoom and the Scribblar platform.

We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for choosing 100% Math